The Shooting Institute (TSI) is a Christian based organization. Furthering the name of Christ in a dark world is our most important mission. We do this by bringing Christian based ethics into the training and security world – it is the only way. TSI’s motto is “Simplifying The Chaos” – we do this by making easy what everyone else makes hard.

TSI has been providing quality firearms training, tactics, and marksmanship techniques since 2012. We also provide basic explosive, breaching, and sniper training to local and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Also, TSI is the preferred SWAT and tactical teams training organization for numerous high-profile SWAT organizations.

TSI’s primary service is to increase law enforcement and military tactical education nationwide and do so with evidence-based training. The same goal exists for the civilian market, but civilian is secondary to LE and Mil. Currently, TSI is finishing a research study, conducted with Law Enforcement psychologists, proving our claim that evidence-based training is superior to traditional methods.

TSI can provide site and personal security services (armed and unarmed) as needed. TSI employs a vast array of operators that use training and combat experiences in our evidence-based training and we take our training techniques and experiences and implement them into the security world. We do this by continuing to simplify the chaos.

We try to make security easy by breaking it down into three simple steps: Assessment, Solution, and Action.

  1. Assessment Phase – looking at your facility, event, or personal lifestyle and showing you the at-risk areas.
  2. Solution Phase – we tell you how to mitigate risk in your at-risk areas.
  3. Action Phase – we implement the custom security solutions for you. This can be done with our security professionals or be done by training your security professionals.

Whatever your needs: training, security, or both, TSI can meet them. Contact us at your convenience to begin working with your security professionals, we look forward to doing business with you.

A word from our owner:

“I served over 8 years in the military, all of which were within Naval Special Warfare. I served as a SEAL for the duration of my career where I was a Lead Sniper, Assaulter, and Point Man for a 32 man SEAL Task Unit and it was during this time I served in over 100 combat operations in support of both OIF and OEF.

Over the last 5 years, I have served overseas as a private security designated defensive marksman, received my certification as an APOST Law Enforcement Officer, and trained DOD, local/federal law enforcement, and civilian contractors in Combat Marksmanship, Close Quarters Combat, Breaching, and Sniper/Observer Operations.

During my career as a SEAL, LE, and contractor I have had the privilege to serve with and learn from many experienced and knowledgeable Operators and Law Enforcement officers. Their experiences coupled with my own has helped me to become a better operator. I have also competed in IDPA, USPSA, 3 gun shoots and long range sniper matches over the last 10 years.

With all of that said, I bring my experiences as a SEAL Sniper, Competitive Shooter, and Instructor to my courses. All those experiences combine to make me a well-rounded shooter and instructor capable of helping you achieve your goals of becoming a better shooter, operator, or officer. Even though competitive shooting techniques and tactics are useful I base all of my shooting and tactics off of combat oriented performance. This is because there is a distinct difference in shooting for points and shooting for life.

At my courses, each shooter will leave understanding the Fundamentals of Marksmanship and how they can be used effectively and efficiently in combat situations. Whether you are civilian, military, or law enforcement my courses will help you and your team to become better shooters and tacticians. I look forward to training with you soon.”