This course employs all techniques learned from the previous Combat Pistol course, but requires a successful test out for completion of the course.  The test that is used for certification is known as Operator Standards and is the same course used to certify Law Enforcement and Military tactical units. The entire course is based on the application of the handgun in regards to Close Quarters Combat (CQC). The course involves teaching proper CQC marksmanship skills and techniques for moving and shooting.

The class duration is 8 hours. The cost is $280 per person. Prerequisites are TSI Combat Pistol.

Gear required:

    • 1 pistol (preferably semi-auto)

    • 650 rounds of ammunition

    • 3 magazines

    • Holster

    • 2 magazine pouches

    • Eye protection (sunglasses are acceptable)

    • Ear protection

    • Work clothes (non-baggy)

    • Work shoes (be able to run)

    • Gloves are optional

    • Lunch, snacks, water (enough for all day)