Corporate, Church, Schools – Safety Training

If you have a security team or security protocol then you need training! Personnel without training isn’t safe. TSI provides the best training for corporate, church, or school venues. If you have security officers or a security protocol in-place then your people need continuing education on how to successfully implement your plan and the tools within it. Our team provides custom training to cater to the staff and venue, so no matter the experience level or location we can develop a safety plan for you. We look forward to hearing from you to plan curriculum for your staff.

TSI is set apart because of our training method. Everyone’s approach is a come train with us because of who we are (SEALS and elite special warfare operators). The problem with this approach is that the training is based on experiences of a specific individual and not the needs of the industry or the market being accessed. There is also the ruse of “come train with us because we are popular.” Instructors are then parroting information they learned in an eight-hour seminar and unaccredited tactical instructors can regurgitate information at a base level, but will always fail in expanding on a concept due to lack of experience.

We provide an even mixture of our experiences and our ability to impart evidence-based training procedures to whomever we teach. We teach what we’ve learned and what we’ve seen work in combat situations. Having experience is one thing, being able to clearly communicate and effectively train other individuals is what sets TSI apart. Our goal is to develop individuals in law enforcement, military operations, or safety-security operations so that they keep other people safe.

We do this by first having a staff that is qualified and have the ability to impart knowledge in a way that is not just experiential but practical. Our experiences are based around a collective time of over a century of tactical military and law enforcement operations, both real world and training. Most of our staff have both military and law enforcement experience. We also have a large amount of combat experience both outside continental US (OCONUS) and continental US (CONUS). Although our experience is great, it is irrelevant if it has no ability for impartation to you, your agency, or your people. Every training technique needs to have a real-world application that works for you, where you are. TSI provides these techniques via scientific research and simple training methods that have been tested and proven. We keep everything simple evidence-based training and have the experience to expound on the concepts being taught. We will tailor each training to your specific needs, but most of training involves firearms and movements to or away from an active shooter situation. Contact us for pricing.

We do not offer consulting or assessments. We preform training. If your organization needs security consulting, but doesn’t know where to start we can easily point you in the right direction. We are partnered with companies that can provide a great base for you to build your security framework on and once that framework is set TSI can come in and train your people based off of your established security protocol.