This course is based around the pistol and the carbine. It also requires a successful test out for course completion. The test being used for certification is known as Operator Standards. This is the same weapons course used to certify Law Enforcement and Military tactical units. The entire course is based on the application of the carbine and pistol in regards to Close Quarters Combat (CQC). The course involves teaching proper use of primary and secondary weapon systems and how to best employ them for success in CQC scenarios. This class also incorporates low-light techniques and tactics. The class duration is 16 hours. The course cost is $475 per person. Prerequisites are Combat Carbine and Combat Pistol.

Gear required:

    • 1 Carbine and 1 Pistol (preferably semi auto)

    • 400 rounds of ammunition per weapon system

    • 3 magazines per weapon system

    • 2 magazine pouches per weapon system

    • Eye protection (sunglasses are acceptable)

    • Ear protection

    • lunch, snacks, water (enough for all day)