This class is dynamic in nature and is based around the need to employ the pistol in combat or dynamic situations. This class is not physically intense, but is a run and gun type class. Points of performance are based around utilizing the pistol at close quarters distances (0-25 yards). It is for the match shooter and tactician alike but is tailored specifically for the tactician. The class duration is 6 hours. The cost is $240 per person. Prerequisites are TSI Basic Pistol, verifiable military/law enforcement, or equivalent basic pistol course. We guarantee that you will leave this class a better pistol shooter.

Gear Required:

    • 1 pistol (preferably semi-auto)

    • 450 rounds of ammunition

    • 3 magazines

    • Holster

    • 2 magazine pouches

    • Eye protection (sunglasses are acceptable)

    • Ear protection

    • Work clothes (non-baggy)

    • Work shoes (be able to run)

    • Gloves are optional

    • Lunch, snacks, water (enough for all day)