Gear Review – Casio G-Shock Watches (and some others)

Just about every TSI guy wears a G-Shock. Why? Because they’re tough and relatively inexpensive. And they perform well in just about any conditions or circumstances. So here we go:

Click the image, this life hack really works! (if it’s daytime)

You’ve gotta be able to tell time and since judging time by the sun doesn’t work if you’re indoors, or if it’s night, you need something to help you out. A handy watch works well for this and we all really like Casio G-Shocks.

They’re good at helping us report to work on time. Really helpful in getting us to meetings on times. Or knowing when it’s time to get coffee. Or go home for the day. So yeah, a watch is helpful for us and is probably helpful for you too.

But why a G-Shock?  Suunto makes some awesome watches, they’re only a little higher than your normal G-Shock, but everybody – we mean EVERY SINGLE BODY seems to be wearing a G-Shock.  Again, we like them for the affordability, durability, comfort, and ease of maintenance. The watches are built to withstand a beating, and we’re tough on everything we own, and our watches hold up day in and day out.

Almost every model has an easy to read face, the bands are easy to keep clean, don’t get gross or keep crud on them, and there are all the normal options built in. Things like stopwatch, alarms, daylight savings all come standard with your G-Shock. It’s what you expect in a watch, as well as some things you don’t expect.

One TSI guy swears his watch battery hasn’t been changed in over 12 years. Either he’s lying or his watch is solar powered, but in reality he’s probably telling the truth. Plenty of guys can’t remember replacing the battery, which means you can count on a G-Shock to work when you need it. In our world, we can’t have gear that breaks down or locks up – everything has to always work and you get that with a G-Shock.

There are 1,000 different versions, mostly varying on design not function. They all perform about the same but they look different. Every color in the rainbow is available but only TSI guys wear black ones. We’re not Yo-Boys. We’ll choke out one of our own if he were to show up in a banana yellow G-Shock, it’s bad enough some of us think we should wear our Combat Flip-flops to the range…  Their argument is comfort at the range, but whatever.

Get a black G-Shock, please and thank you.

Don’t be that guy…