Gear Review – Velocity Scarab Plate Carrier

Gear Review – Velocity Scarab Plate Carrier

One piece of equipment gets more questions than all the others…  Well, actually the 3 things we get asked about most are pistols, rifles, and plate carriers / armor / kits. We could spend 100 forevers talking about pistols (Glock vs Sig) and rifles (LWT is our choice because they’re fantastic) so we’ll get started on a plate carrier we all really like – the Velocity Systems Scarab plate carrier.

Velocity Scarab Plate Carrier – click the pic for a close-up

So first things first – QUALITY. You’ll be hard-pressed to find one that’s better built, this one from one of our TSI instructors has seen countless hours training and missions. It’s been beaten up, sweated in like crazy, rained on, tossed and thrown and drug through God knows what – and nothing on it is showing wear. It’s broken in but not worn. There isn’t any fraying or stitching showing wear, the velcro is nearly brand new after 100 million uses, all of the molle is still in great shape with mag holders and clips used and abused like crazy. We train a lot, we train hard, we’re hard on equipment but this carrier holds up incredibly well. The nylon used is as tough as you’ll find, we’re not saying it’s impossible to cut it but we’ve done all we can and it’s still in great shape.

Next up – COMFORT. If you’re going to wear a plate to save your life, comfort isn’t what you would necessarily care about most – you want the thing to stop bullets. But these are actually relatively comfortable to wear for long training days. The shoulder strap padding with interior webbing makes it really comfortable compared to others that may have a different design. It provides the strength and durability you need while also not being overly bulky. It also allows for the straps to conform to your shoulders and traps more. The padding on the front and back is firm like you’d expect as well.

In terms of WEIGHT – it’s what you’d expect. It’s pretty light right out of the box and you make it as heavy as what you pack onto it. As always, ammo and plates and radios can weigh it down but again – with the shoulders and side support, it’s really functional. It’s not nearly as cumbersome as a lot of the other carriers, even when loaded out.

When it comes to ACCESSORIES, this one here has a Blaze Defense cummerbund QD cobra buckle system so you don’t “Fight The Flap” as they say. Makes securing it quick and easier. Like most systems, the Velocity Scarab has room for plenty of rings and gadgets, the usual you’d expect.

So the BOTTOM LINE is we really like their systems. Velocity Systems makes high-quality gear and their Scarab is no different, we know some guys that wear their other systems and they really like them as well. So if you’re in the market for a new kit, check these guys out.

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