Pistol Precision and Accuracy

Pistol Precision and Accuracy

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” Wyatt Earp

The pistol is easy to manipulate, but hard to shoot. Weapons manipulation drills with the pistol are great – they look cool and are fun to do – but are unnecessary for precision and accuracy. Understand that it does not matter how fast and well you can manipulate a pistol…  If you can’t hit anything when you shoot you mind as well be flipping a quarter.

Most accuracy and precision issues, with the pistol, stem from poor front sight focus and poor trigger squeeze, or both. Generally, people get target focused and jerk the trigger. (Some would ask about grip, but grip is irrelevant when it comes to precision and accuracy. Although grip can affect precision and accuracy it doesn’t affect it as much as sights and trigger. We will cover grip in a later post.)

Holding_PistolYou can still shoot precisely and accurately with a poor grip. Our Wyatt Earp quote, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything,” sums it up. Pistol manipulation drills and grip help shoot fast, but if your accuracy and precision are sub-par you are failing. Do you want to be quick on the draw, or hit your target? Precision and accuracy are most important and are always affected by sights and trigger – so we need to start there. Sights. And Trigger. Not twirling your gun or a .25 second draw.

When training with a pistol the most advantageous drills revolve around front sight focus and trigger manipulation. These drills can be done live fire at a range or dry in your living room. It takes 10,000 hours to become a professional at anything so you gotta practice. Some people say, “I can’t afford rounds for 10,000 hours of shooting so I’m screwed, right?” Wrong. The best way to get those hours on the pistol is to dry fire, dry fire, dry fire. Practice front sight focus and lining your sights up as much as possible, without firing a single round. Squeeze the trigger as much as you can without firing a single round. Think of it like shooting free throws – you need reps, reps, reps. And you ca get good reps lining up the sights and squeezing the trigger at the house, in your living room, pointing at the TV. So then when you go to the range your ammunition is not being wasted on reps that you could have gotten for free.

Become a professional at lining up your sights, getting good front sight focus, and having a smooth trigger squeeze and you will have pistol shooting in the bag. These things are the hardest for people to learn and are the only things that matter for precise, accurate, fast, pistol shooting.

Go out and practice and be a winner not a whiner.