Basic SWAT (40 hours)

The prerequisites for this class are current Military or LE. It is preferred you have a tactical background gained in infantry, SWAT or similar tactical unit, and/or military special operations experience. You do not have to be on a tac team to attend, but it is desired. During this class we will learn how to operate pistol and carbine within close quarters combat (CQC) scenarios, perform room to room CQC as it (pertains to structures), perform approaches as it pertains to structures, perform direct to threat CQC techniques (as it pertains to schools), perform insert/extract via aerial platforms, perform breaching (explosive, ballistic, mechanical), and perform a final training exercise (FTX). At the start and finish of each course a law enforcement psychologist will conduct a short classroom and interview session with the students assessing cognitive ability and knowledge gained before and after the course. There will be the opportunity to PT as a class throughout the week, but it is not required. The cadre normally will set a PT time for those students that have a desire to PT as a group. TSI currently has Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Certified Cross-fit and Strength coaches, Certified API SOCOM strength and conditioning coaches, Brazilian Ju Jitsu coaches, and Certified Psychologists available throughout this course. This would be for any questions the student might have about the physical and mental stressors that combat creates on individuals.