The Shooting Institute’s (TSI) SWAT lesson plan consists of 4 separate one-week training modules. These modules encompass all aspects of a SWAT operator’s tradecraft and do so in a way that is simple and concise. Most SWAT courses are one week in duration and the curriculum is based solely around the instructor staff that is teaching the class, which in-turn creates difficulty with the continuation of the SWAT operator’s knowledge and ability. TSI’s SWAT course allows for the expounding upon of techniques learned in previous training modules that are dictated via, “evidence-based training,” and not a specific instructors resume.

At TSI we understand the difficulty agencies have sending personnel to schools due to manning issues. We also understand the need to provide quality training to tactical officers. TSI has broken down the 160 hour SWAT course into four, 40-hour (1 week) segments to meet the time constraints dictated by most departments. In doing this we have successfully met the burden of time constraints and training needs. Each SWAT training module is 40 hours in duration and is as follows: Basic, Advanced, Masters, and Tier 1. Outlined below is the description, training outline, prerequisites, and general schedule of each 40-hour training module.

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