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Below is a list of our available courses. View the course that you are interested in and either click purchase now or join the waiting list to get on the schedule for the next course.

Pistol Courses

Basic Pistol

In this course you will learn proper maintenance, storing, ammunition choice, and marksmanship fundamentals.

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Combat Pistol

This class is dynamic in nature and is based around the need to deploy the pistol in combat or dynamic situations.

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Advanced Combat Pistol

This class is based around the successful application of a handgun in close quarters combat. (CQB)

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Carbine Courses

Combat Carbine

Learn to manipulate the carbine with maximum efficiency. This class is based around the AR platform but all DI and piston guns are accepted.

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Advanced Combat Carbine

This course is based off of the application of the carbine in regards to Close Quarters Combat (CQC). This class is based on operator standards.

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Combat Carbine/Pistol

This course involves proper application of primary and secondary weapon systems in a Close Quarters Combat (CQC) environment. Learn to manipulate both carbine and pistol.

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Long Gun Courses

Basic Long Gun

In this class you will learn the seven fundamentals of marksmanship. You will learn to employ you rifle to distances out to 500 meters. 

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Advanced Long Gun

In this class you will build upon the foundation learned in the Basic Long Gun Course and take it a step further. Employ your rifle 1000 meters and beyond. 

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Online Courses

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Defensive Pistol Course

Learn to shoot your handgun with accuracy, smoothness, and confidence. 

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