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Everybody has their preference and their reasons why for their favorite pistol, and like most folks we like SIGS and GLOCKS best. These are most popular with TSI guys, they all carry one or the other and own both.


There’s about 1,000 manufacturers out there and we prefer Lewis Machine & Tools (LMT) over all the rest. It’s simple: quality. And service. And support. We’ve got a guy who’s put 150,000 rounds through his, has abused it like crazy, barely ever cleaned it, is as hard on it as you can imagine and it’s still going strong. Thes guns just won’t quit or malfunction even with years of abuse.  And the company behind their product is just as reliable and dependable. Do yourself a favor and get a LMT carbine, don’t sell yourself short – your life depends on it.


Take care of your feet no matter where you are – if you can’t move quickly and comfortably you may be a liability to your mission and that all starts and ends with your feet. Grip, comfort, flexibility, support, weight – they all play into your ability to move quickly and be more accurate on target. Your base begins with your feet so you’ve gotta have quality footwear to get you to a strong and stable base. Here are a few we like – and check out our DISCOUNTS PAGE to get the sweet hookup…



Legit love these sunglasses, they even gave us a promo code for you (TSI15) for 15% off your purchase. They’re lightweight, comfortable, durable, and awesome for the range, work, or relaxing. The lenses are so strong they stop all kinds of high-speed, high-impact projectiles. Yes, we were skeptical too but they put their research out there for us to see – check this YouTube video and then go buy a pair. You’re welcome.

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